Thursday, July 13 – Hour 3 Podcast


Perez Paid Rival $22,270 After He Dropped Out of DNC Chair Race, Gave Perez Endorsement

 chairman  transferred large sums of money to a former rival’s campaign after he dropped out of the DNC chair race and endorsed Perez.

DNC’s Perez covered debt of rival-turned-supporter after chairmanship race – POLITICO

 Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who dropped out of the race shortly before the voting began, did not have debt after the campaign and did not receive any transfers from Perez, spokespeople said.

New Report: Income-share agreements are a real alternative to student debt – Red Alert Politics

ISAs provide an alternative to repaying federal or private loans that students must repay (and don’t forget interest). Under an ISA, an entity funds a ’s college education in exchange for a percentage of the individual’s future income. Low-income students pay a small share, while high-income students pay more. The repayment lengths and periods vary and are pre-determined by the investor.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Law Making Female Genital Mutilation a Felony – Breitbart

Michigan Gov.  signed several bills into law Tuesday, increasing the penalties for .

Education Dept Disputes ‘Rape Culture’ | The Daily Caller

An official for the Department of Education said that 90 percent of  accusations amount to drunk sex or regret after sex, according to a Wednesday report.

Edu Dept Head Forced To Apologize | The Daily Caller

“What I said was flippant, and I am sorry,” she said in her statement. “All sexual harassment and sexual assault must be taken seriously — which has always been my position and will always be the position of this department … My words in the New York Times poorly characterized the conversations I’ve had with countless groups of advocates.”

Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian sounds scandalous, only if you don’t read the facts – Red Alert Politics

This is where the facts of the meeting become important. The lawyer promised information about Russian illegal donations to Clinton and the DNC. Trump, Jr. wasn’t promised hacked DNC data or Clinton emails. A Russian said she had proof other Russians gave money illegally to the Clintons. Can you imagine the Clinton campaign turning down this meeting if the role was reversed? If a random Russian had information about other Russians illegally Trump’s campaign, John Podesta certainly would have met with her.