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Eyewitness Video Of Congressional Baseball Shooting – Video – The Burning Truth

Here’s eyewitness video of the congressional baseball shooting that wounded Rep. Scalise and others yesterday.

The Disgusting Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting – The Burning Truth

Fake News: New York Times Revives Debunked Lie About Sarah Palin – The Burning Truth

They haven’t learned anything from yesterday’s shooting of Rep. Scalise. Hodgkinson’s ‘Motive Is Still Unclear’

A motive is still unclear, and the FBI is investigating the incident. Slater, of the FBI, said it’s too soon to say whether the GOP lawmakers were targeted in a deliberate attack. “We’re exploring all angles,” Slater said.

New York Times Tipped Off Virginia Shooter to GOP Practice Field – Think Americana

CNN’s Kaye Repeats Debunked Claim Scalise Spoke to David Duke Group

Not mentioned was that back in 2015 it was already reported that the man who invited Scalise to speak in 2002 disputed the account that the congressman spoke to Duke’s group. The man who booked hotel space for the group’s convention, Kenny Knight, has claimed the event Scalise spoke to was a separate event for his local community group which he held in the same hotel as Duke’s group to take advantage of the available space. Additionally, a flyer for the convention shows no sign that Scalise was one of the scheduled speakers.



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