Thursday, June 15 – Hour 3 Podcast


Michigan Auto Dealership Says Local Panhandler Rejected Job Offer: ‘I Make More Money Than Any of You’ – Breitbart

A Brighton, MI auto dealership put out a sign discouraging people from giving money to a local panhandler after managers said they offered him a job that he turned down because it was less money than he was currently making, says a ClickonDetroit report.

Fox News Dropping ‘Fair and Balanced’ Slogan – Breitbart

The cable news channel is reportedly set to drop its 20-year-old marketing slogan in an effort to distance itself from its former chief Roger Ailes, who invented it when he launched the network in 1996, according to New York magazine.

Powerball To Dump Illinois Over “Lack Of Budget” | Zero Hedge

As if Illinois didn’t have enough to worry about between an imminent downgrade to junk (as soon as July 1), soaring debt costs, insolvent pension funds, and roads that may soon resemble the lunar surface, today in the latest insult to a relentless series of injuries, the lottery itself is about to dump Illinois.

Scalise shooting update