Thursday, May 11 – Hour 2 Podcast


The Growing Problem of ‘Fake Science’

It’s a cautionary note issued by respected industry leaders who say unseen interests are exerting enormous control over research and what is—or isn’t—published. Their startling claim: that a large percentage of articles in prestigious medical journals are simply not to be believed.

FLASHBACK: Cell Phones & Cancer: Two Weeks, Two Studies, Two Different Conclusions – The Burning Truth

# are one of those study subjects that I mock on a regular basis. For years, ‘scientists’ have been saying that cause various forms of cancers, infertility, and even psychological disorders. The following week, a counter-study will release the exact opposite results. That’s what happened this week again with , and the risk of you getting #.

Wine and cheese make you smart and healthy, according to new studies – MarketWatch

Go ahead — have some cheese with your wine tonight. It turns out that cheese may not be so bad for your health after all.

Man behind Blue Whale ‘game’ says he’s ‘cleansing society’ | Daily Mail Online

The Russian 21-year-old – who has now confessed to the crimes – says he thinks of his victims as ‘biological waste’ and told police that they were ‘happy to die’ and he was ‘cleansing society’.