Top News Headlines: Secret Service Agents Sent Home

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Here’s a look at your top news headlines from Newsy.

Secret Service agents were relieved of their duties in Cartagena, Columbia where the Summit of the Americas is being held.

The Washington Post reports the allegations of misconduct include at least one agent’s involvement with a prostitute.

CNN says the scandal hit prior to President Obama’s arrival.

“ … before the president stepped off the plane in Cartagena, a dozen of his Secret Service agents were sent packing and replaced by a different set of agents.”

Leaders from six countries are meeting with officials from Iran to discuss its nuclear program.

Here’s euronews.

“The negotiations are the first of their kind in 15 months. Last time round, Iran refused to talk about its nuclear plans.”

Entering the third day of the Syrian cease-fire, activists say the shelling continues.

Al Jazeera reports.

“ … gunfire can be heard in what activists say is the city of Homs. And contrary to one of the conditions of Annan’s six-point peace plan there are still military tanks and heavy artillery in and around towns and cities.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations is set to vote on a resolution that would authorize sending monitors to Syria.

According the the BBC, the U.N. is focused on …

“ … getting international observers into the country. While the U.N. Security Council ponders a resolution to cover the deployment, the first group is just waiting for the signal to move.”

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