Top News Headlines: Winning ‘Mega Millions’ Tickets Sold

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(Image source: Greater Annapolis Patch)


Here’s a look at your top news headlines from Newsy.

Someone has the chance to claim at least part of the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot. Here’s Baltimore’s WJZ.

“Nearly everyone rolled the dice, and today — someone in Baltimore County is a multi-multi-millionaire. $640 million — a lot of people sad, disappointed, but maybe it could be your brother, your sister.”

A luxury cruise ship is adrift off the Philippines after a fire disabled two of its engines. Euronews reports the ship is carrying 600 mostly western tourists.

“Rescue vessels have been dispatched to the ship, which is operated by Royal Caribbean International. Officials say none of the passengers were injured in the fire, but one crewmember was given medical treatment on board.”

Court documents from 2009 have the family of Susan Powell wondering why her husband Josh wasn’t arrested then. Seattle’s KOMO has more on what was found during a search of the Powells’ Utah home in 2009.

“The unsealed search warrants show investigators found two fans blowing on the living room sofa. They later found blood evidence on a tile nearby. That blood belonged to Susan Powell.”

Tuareg rebels have advanced on the strategic northern garrison town of Gao in Mali. Al Jazeera reports.

“Mali coup leaders show no signs of caving in to international pressure. Captain Sanogo is on the defensive.”

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