Topless FEMEN Protester Steals Baby Jesus From Vatican Nativity Set

Tourists enjoying their Christmas day at the Vatican Thursday experienced a slight disturbance when a topless FEMEN protester from the radical Ukrainian feminist group attempted to kidnap the baby Jesus from the life-size Nativity scene located in St. Peter’s square. 

Sneaking through a hole in the fence, the feminist protester ran into the Nativity scene and raised the baby Jesus over her head while shouting anti-Catholic slogans before a Vatican guard finally arrested her. The words “God is woman” were painted across her chest.

On their website, FEMEN states the protests were in response to the Catholic Church’s “centuries-old stance on women’s rights for her own body and reproductive function.” The group also called for a stealing of baby Jesus statues from Nativity scenes around the world as part of its “Massacre of the innocents” campaign where feminists “hunt for the Bethlehem babies.”

FEMEN has done this sort of activity at the Vatican before. Back in November, three FEMEN women protested topless in St. Peter’s square while using crucifixes to simulate anal sex.

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