Tragic – Father-Of-Three Dies Falling Into Ice In Backyard While Playing Hockey With Son



(Daily Mail) – A suburban Chicago father of three died after he fell through the ice while playing ice hockey with his young son.

Tragedy: Patrick Rorig, 47, fell through the two-inch ice on the pond behind his house while playing ice hockey with his son

Patrick ‘Rocky’ Rorig, 47, fell through two-inch thick ice on the pond behind his house and plummeted into the freezing waters.

He was submerged for 31 minutes before rescuers were able to retrieve his body.

NBC Chicago reported that while Mr Rorig was unable to make it to safety yesterday night, his son was.

Mke Majercik of the McHenry Township Fire Protection District told the station that Mr Roring was air-lifted to Advocate Condell Medical Centre in Libertyville where he was pronounced dead.

Mr Majercik, who was one of the first people at the scene, said he saw the hole in which Mr Roring fell, but saw no sign of the father.

The ice was thin and started breaking, so the fire department ultimately sent in a diver to recover Mr Roring.

Tom Popovich, a friend of Mr Rorig, told NBC Chicago that the father was much-loved in the community and said the hospital had to turn people away because there were too many visitors.

He said he couldn’t understand the nature of his death. ‘He had such a strong heart and such a strong will, it’s difficult to believe anything could kill him, let alone a mere pond.’

Mr Popovich said his friend got the nickname because he wore two Rocky Balboa T-shirts to school.

Mr Rorig, who worked as a custom home builder in Johnsburg, is the second person to fall through the ice in the greater Chicago area this month alone.

Justin Ribar, 29, an ice fisherman, died after falling through Pistakee Lake on February 3.

Authorities caution people not to go on the ice this season because of unusually warm temperatures.