TR’s Daniel Mael Discusses Brandeis Anti-Cop Controversy On Fox & Friends

Student activist and TruthRevolt contributor Daniel Mael appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the controversy surrounding his report on a Brandeis student leader’s anti-law enforcement statements. 

After his report on tweets from a student representative for the African and Afro-American Studies department went viral, Mael came under fire from students and campus activists, becoming the target of multiple personal threats and a petition to have him disciplined by the administration. Though Mael’s article was written to expose the violent-promoting rhetoric of the student leader and he repeatedly condemned violent rhetoric, he was blamed by many in the Brandeis community for threatening messages posted online about the student representative, Khadijah Lynch, after her posts became widely known. 

On Fox & Friends Friday, Mael again called for calm and expressed hope that a constructive dialog over the issues of race and violence could be held by the Brandeis community. Mael also addressed the petition to have him disciplined by the school, citing Brandeis President Fred Lawrence’s statement Monday defending the “free expression rights” of both students involved as evidence that the administration might not take action against him. 


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