Truck Used For Raising Cancer Awareness Burned

A truck owner in North Carolina who traveled around the country in his pink truck urging people to get cancer screenings and visiting cancer patients discovered his truck burned early Thursday morning. Chad Smith, who lost his mother, Bonnie, to breast cancer in 2009, had labored on behalf of cancer education for years, but in 2014, he painted his truck pink, calling it “One Bad Chad,” and launched his journey.

Investigators informed Smith that someone actually used an accelerant to burn his truck. Smith said sadly, “I feel like I’m bringing hope to people with the truck and I just hate that someone has destroyed it,” said Smith. He told FOX8 that he was bewildered as to why anyone would burn his truck, adding, “I would love to know the answer. Whenever you do good things there’s always going to be people out there trying to bring you down.”

Smith reminisced about his odyssey around the country: “I get nothing but hugs and smiles. They like it because it feels like somebody is on their side that can relate to what they’re going through.”

Smith’s son Zach, said of his dad’s truck, “It’s dedicated to everyone fighting cancer whether little kid, man, woman or infant — just keep on fighting because this truck is dedicated to all you all.”

Smith was sad but undaunted, concluding, “We’re going to rebuild the truck somehow, someway and keep raising awareness in my mother’s name. There is a blessing in all this, I just can’t figure out how yet.”


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