He’s technically charged with ‘unwanted touching’ which is a questionable charge given that security has the right to ‘touch’ you if you aren’t obeying them, whether you want them to or not.  No, technically, he isn’t security, but he is a staff member who has the ability to shield the candidate.

Not saying what he did was right, but I’m not saying it was wrong either.  While we’ve known for some time that he did grab her, it was clear that embellished the encounter a bit to make it worse than it actually was. No doubt the bruises she showed on her arm are the reason there is a charge in this case, not the act of grabbing itself.

Here’s the new video of the incident:

She was pursuing Trump after questioning was over, and was inside the security perimeter. As such, many legal experts are saying they wouldn’t have pursued charges. Especially since there wasn’t serious injury. Others say a woman should never be handled that way.

Palm Beach Post:

, campaign manager, was charged this morning with misdemeanor battery after allegations of forcefully grabbing a reporter at a Jupiter news conference, town police confirmed this morning.

Following a March 8 conference at Trump National Golf Club, Michelle Fields, a 28-year-old reporter formerly with the online News Network, said she was on the arm by Lewandowski, 41, after she asked Trump a question about affirmative action.