Tuesday, Aug. 27 – Full Show

Hour 1:

New Bill In Congress Seeks To Tax Gun Sales Extra 20% And Ammo Sales Extra 50% « The Burning Truth

The great Minnesota tobacco exodus « Hot Air

Electronic cigarettes, seen by many as a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking, do cause damage to the lungs

‘Extremely Distressing’: Black High Schooler Running for Student Gov’t Sent Racist Texts to Himself, School Says | TheBlaze.com

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Hour 2:

Senators Demand Holder Detail DEA’s Use of Secret Data

Shocking Report: NSA Even Spied on Their Own Loved Ones, Girlfriends, Neighbors | Wizbang

UN: You bet we’ll be in touch with US over NSA spying « Hot Air

Facebook: Governments demanded information on 38K users, among them protesters and political activists — RT USA

NSA paid millions to Internet companies to cover surveillance program costs — RT USA

Sales Of Public Data To Marketers Can Mean Big $ For Governments « CBS Denver

Should we run Al Jazeera America ads on MNC?  (No, we have not been approached about doing so that I know of)

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Hour 3:

Explanation of why I would take Al Jazeera money

Former Marine not allowed to fly US flag and Marine Corp flag at the same time

DHS employee who runs racist website put on PAID administrative leave.  Advocating the murder of whites and gay people receives collective yawn from the general public because Republicans and the Tea Party can’t be attacked.

Ross penalized for selling drawstrings … not … making … this … up …

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