Hour 1:

Jeopardy kid mad they said he was wrong for misspelling word.

Matt Damon won’t put his kids in public school because they aren’t ‘progressive’ enough.

Dude banned from mall for wearing hoodie

Sydney Leathers is making a porno – NSFW links

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Hour 2:

Green jobs funding didn’t give us green jobs

Sitcom that hasn’t aired yet accused of being racist and sexist

Black comedian says white people aren’t allowed to decide what’s racist

Taco Bell’s new waffle taco looks glorious

Cafe posts picture of mess left by kids, owner gets death threats now

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Hour 3:

Woman who falsely accused man of rape finally paying up

Arizona firefighter widow denied full-time benefits for her dead husband

Science group proclaims man is causing global warming, one panel member disagrees

ABC News editor who went transgender, says he’s no longer transgender

Police chief with controversial YouTube videos is removed from post, feds requested to prevent a ‘revolt’

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