Obese patients and smokers banned from routine surgery  in ‘most severe ever’ rationing in the NHS

Mr Hopson called for a “realistic national conversation” about how much should be spent on the health service, and said that if procedures had to be restricted, the reduction should be managed on an NHS-wide basis.

Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers – The Burning Truth

They are still doing what we caught them doing years ago with Climategate I and Climategate II. Only now, it’s automatically built into their systems.

Switchblade knives made legal in bill signed by Gov. Rick Snyder | MLive.com

A statewide ban on switchblades will be lifted under legislation signed into law by Gov.  Thursday.

Star Trek Fan Fights for ASIMIL8 License Plat | The Daily Caller

 Nick Troller is fighting the Canadian province of ’s decision to censor his license plate. It reads “ASIMIL8” and that was deemed offensive to “Indigenous groups,” the latest terminology to describe natives.

School District To Offer Retention Bonus | The Daily Caller

The Indianapolis Public School District (IPS) and the Indianapolis  Association (IEA) have reached an agreement to give teachers a $5,000 bonus for staying through the closure of the three buildings.

Pew: Most Americans Say Democratic Party Has Become Too Statist

A recent poll by the  found that a majority of Americans say the Democratic Party “too often sees government as the only way to solve problems.”