Tuesday, June 7 – Hour 1 Podcast

Many people don’t know who is. People need to understand this is a racist, anti-American organization, and Curiel belongs to an affiliate of theirs. I’m from Nevada, and I’ve been talking about since at least 2006.




Cruz Attacks Trump Over Mexican Judge Comments – Won’t Commit to Supporting Trump

Hispanic is the anti-Trump judge who had allowed a class action lawsuit to proceed against the GOP nominee. Curiel, who was nominated by Barack Obama, awarded scholarships to illegal aliens in 2014.

Michelle Malkin | » 15 things you should know about “The Race”

1. “” thrives on ethnic supremacy–and the elite sheeple’s unwillingness to call it what it is. As historian Victor Davis Hanson observes: “[The] organization’s very nomenclature ‘The National Council of La Raza’ is hate speech to the core. Despite all the contortions of the group, Raza (as its Latin cognate suggests), reflects the meaning of ‘race”‘ in Spanish, not ‘the people’ — and that’s precisely why we don’t hear of something like ‘The National Council of the People’ which would not confer the buzz notion of ethnic, racial, and tribal chauvinism.”

Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’ | Human Events

There are many immigrant groups joined in the overall “La Raza” movement. The most prominent and mainstream organization is the National Council de La Raza — the Council of “”.

Judge, law firm bringing Trump U case both tied to La Raza

The federal judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuit is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a group that while not a branch of the National Council of La Raza, has ties to the controversial organization, which translates literally “The Race.”

Check Out The Softball Questions The Media Asks CrookedHillary Clinton (VIDEO)

It must be nice to be a Democrat. Hillary Clinton hasn’t given a press conference since December and when she finally took some questions this week, reporters lobbed weak#softball questions at her.

For anyone thinking that Judge Curiel dosn’t belong to THAT La Raza … he is a member of an organization who is a member of an organization who claims affiliate with racist, anti-American La Raza. Replace ‘La Raza’ with ‘KKK’ and the whole world would be furious at the affiliation.

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