Tuesday, June 7 – Hour 2 Podcast

Yes, and fauxmentary crew violated federal gun laws.


Katie Couric’s Producer Confirms Her Team Skirted Federal Gun Laws

“While it may seem hard to believe that one could buy these types of guns this easily, all purchases in the film were made completely legally. Arizona law allows out-of-state residents to buy long guns (i.e. rifles, shotguns, military style assault rifles) from a private seller without a background check. It also allows Arizona residents to buy handguns from a private seller without a background check.

Bill Kristol Now Encouraging Lindsey Graham To Run For President | The Daily Caller

In the wake of Sen. Lindsey Graham revoking his endorsement of Donald Trump and David French surrendering before even running, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol is now encouraging Graham to resume his run for president.

Michigan fuel line rupture repaired in Van Buren County; cleanup continues –

Officials say repairs have been completed to a diesel fuel line in southwestern Michiganthat was accidentally ruptured by a farmer using an excavating machine to clear trees.

Indiana sees 70 percent surge in syphilis cases in 1 year –

State health officials are urging Indiana‘s health care providers to aggressively test patients for syphilis after the state’s syphilis Indiana sees 70 percent surge in syphilis cases in 1 yearcases surged 70 percent in a single year.

People are spending much less time on social media apps: Report

People are spending less time on apps, in some cases substantially less, a new study from marketing intelligence firm SimilarWeb found.

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