Students Called Racist for Wearing Red, White and Blue – Apologize For Offending Refugees

“This is an example of BLATANT racism,” said Ty Leggett, a Valley High School alum, on the Valley High School – WDMCS Facebook page. “ALL participating should have been pulled and banned from ALL VHS extracurricular events for the remainder of the year! As a parent, I’d be mortified that my son or daughter thought this way, acted in this fashion and refrained from taking a stand against this 21st century inexcusable behavior!”

Protestors march to support Pro-Trump students outside high school |

A group of nine people gathered outside Grand Rapids Christian High School Friday to protest a decision made by school administrators to suspend four students who attempted to hold up signs supporting President ’s immigration policies.

Female Drake U. Student Initiates Sex with Incapacitated Male, Lies About Key Details. Guess Who Got Expelled? – Hit & Run :

In the eventual hearing, Jane Doe admitted to initiating the oral sex on John Doe without his consent. Further, she defined “consent” to be when she initiated the sexual activity. She also stated during the hearing that she felt she was “just giving him what [she thought] he wanted.”

General: The Irish Made Potatoes Interesting, So Can Troops | The Daily Caller

“The standard of living is spartan — spartan, plus Wi-Fi,” he told the soldiers.

Prison Inmate Who Beat Up The Disgraced Subway Spokesman Has ‘No Regrets’

The disgraced Subway spokesman, who is doing 15 years for child porn and soliciting sex with minors, was apparently treated as a “god” at the Colorado prison by other child molesters. Nigg didn’t like that and says that’s why he attacked him, according to a letter obtained by TMZ.