Marines Will Get ‘Reeducated’ To Erase ‘Unconscious Bias’ Against Women

Topics include unconscious bias, which focuses on how people prejudge others based on factors such as race and gender, and principles of institutional change.

Alcohol or Marijuana, Which Is More Dangerous While Driving? | The Daily Caller

Published in the journal Addiction, the study investigated how likely drivers who had been using cannabis were to get into a car accident. The researchers looked at 20 studies and two meta-analyses published between 1982 and 2015.

Gov. Mike Pence signs bill eliminating ISTEP exam –

Gov. has signed a bill into law that will repeal the deeply unpopular student exam by July of next year.

Teen Wins Job After Stopping Robber In Interview – 60abc

18-year old Devin Washington was at the fast food restaurant, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, in eastern New Orleans last Saturday for a job interview. A man walked in and asked to make some changes, but when the cashier opened the change drawer he reached over in an effort to steal money.

VA Worker Gets Job Back After Armed Robbery | The Daily Caller

A Department of Veterans Affairs employee in Puerto Rico was fired after being arrested for armed , but her union quickly got her reinstated


Apple wants to know how the FBI will hack its phone

This afternoon the Department of Justice asked the courts to vacate tomorrow’s hearing concerning the 5C in the custody of the . The government had asked for to help it circumvent the phone’s security. But at the last minute, stated that it had found another party to help it get what it wants out the of phone. would like to know who that is and what they plan to do with the phone.