Tuesday, May 31 – Hour 2 Podcast

Celebrating Eco Child Abuse | The Burning Truth

Make no mistake … what you’re about to see is .

No, Katie Couric Did Not Apologize For That Deceptive Edit | The Daily Caller

It was just eight seconds, everybody. Why all the fuss over eight lousy seconds? Plus, she had initial concerns, which she didn’t tell us about until now.

Target’s Failed Policy – Another Pervert Identified

Tuesday, May 5 – A juvenile female in Frisco, Texas was in the women’s bathroom at when she noticed a man peering over the top, filming her with his cell phone. Authorities completed a search for the suspect the night of the incident, but were unable to locate him. He has now been identified and a warrant issued.

Facebook will now track you even if you’re not a Facebook user | Fox News

As The Wall Street Journal noted on Friday morning, ‘s off-site ads will now be shown to people who are not registered users. That also means webgoers without accounts will now be tracked by so that the ads they’re served will be better targeted to their tastes.