Two Busted After Selfies Taken on Stolen iPad Appeared on Owner’s iCloud

Certain to make this year’s Darwin Awards, two Houston men took selfies on a stolen iPad only to be later identified and arrested because the photos automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account.

Richening the story, the criminals confidently posed with the victim’s money in their mouths.

NBC News out of Dallas reports that the victim believes the photos were uploaded behind a Starbucks when the two men decided to dump some of the stolen items behind the coffee shop. It is assumed the iPad connected to the store’s free Wi-Fi. According to The Smoking Gun, the other stolen items listed was a laptop, $5,000 cash, and other items.

Helping the investigation was a video taken on the iPad hours after the burglary of the two men sitting inside a nearby Burger King bragging with the victim’s $100 bills that one of the thieves foolishly posted to their own Facebook page.

The video, below, opens, “Hello, America. This is Dorian from the Money Team. This is my brother, Dylan.” As the two unfold thousands of dollars, Dorian says, “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle.”

Dorian continues, offering this advise: “If you hustle — if you put your bullsh*t aside — you worry about you and yours…[holds out cash] you get this.”

Concluding, Dorian brags, “F*cks with me, I got you.”

Fortunately, it was Dorian who was “got.”