U.S. Army Marching Band Hits Back at Band Geeks Comment

CBS Sports’ Jim Rome quickly made enemies of marching bands everywhere in a New Year’s Day tweet in which he mocked them and called them “dorks.”

As is usually the case these days, the offending tweet was deleted but not before being captured in the above screenshot.

The response to Rome’s tweet was so overwhelming that it birthed its own hashtag: #MarchOnRome. Marching bands and their members from all over began countering the insult through photos and comments. But none made a more powerful statement than The Army Field Band:



Notice the added hashtag, #RomeIsBurning.

The following day, Rome made an attempt to remove his foot from his mouth:



But not without a final word from College Marching Bands:



Some other blistering responses follow:








H/T Top Right News, Washington Post


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