UNC Campus Newspaper: Student Body President Candidates Not Progressive Enough

The campus newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where three Muslim students were recently gunned down by a hardcore atheist progressive, suggests that the students who are currently running for student body president aren’t progressive enough.

According to the editors of The Daily Tar Heel, a review of the candidates “betrays a conspicuous lack of experience leading or even participating in liberal student groups.”

They write:

Many of the mainstream causes endorsed by today’s candidates were the ideas of ‘radicals’ only a few years ago. Someone had to push for gender-neutral housing and coal divestment, a better sexual assault policy and more inclusive treatment of students of color. Primarily, though not exclusively, the students who did so came from the political left. Without a leftist candidate, our campus conversation on these issues will be impoverished.

Calling the lack of truly progressive candidates an “unusual and troubling development,” the editors scramble for answers to these important questions:

[W]ho among this crowd is ready to lead the next fight in the ongoing battle to fulfill UNC’s mandate to be the university of the people? Who will represent student interests to the General Assembly, push back against the Board of Governors and work to improve campus culture?

The editor’s aren’t convinced that any one of these candidates, if elected, would be welcomed as a “part of the amorphous entity that is UNC’s campus left,” but asks them to, “Go forth and prove us wrong.”


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