US Ambassador Attacked By Korean Nationalist

The US ambassador to South Korea was attacked by a razor-wielding Korean nationalist at a breakfast meeting in Seoul Thursday, an attack cheered by North Korea as “just punishment for US warmongers”.

Ambassador Mark Lippert, 42, was attacked at a breakfast meeting Thursday by a man identified as Kim Ki-jong, 55. Local television station YTN TV reported that during the attack Ki-jong yelled “South and North Korea should be reunified!” 

Lippert was cut on his face and his left hand before security subdued the attacker, who reportedly broke his ankle in the struggle. The ambassador was rushed out of the building with blood running down his face, a moment caught on video.

After questioning by authorities, Ki-jong was taken away on an ambulance trolley. According to BBC, South Korean police suspect the attacker has close ties to North Korea and are currently obtaining warrants to search his home. 

North’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) praised the attack as a “knife shower of justice” and “just punishment for US warmongers.” 

Lippert has since tweeted that his is “doing well and in great spirits” and will soon return to his work advancing the US-Republic of Korea alliance:



A US official said that President Obama called Lippert to wish him “the very best for a speedy recovery.”



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