We used to be first.

Where to be born in 2013: Britain falls 20 places in ‘lottery of life’ league table behind Chile, Taiwan and Ireland | Mail Online

is the best place to be in 2013, a new global survey laying bare the ‘lottery of life’ reveals.

Babies born in the land-locked nation of just 8million are the ‘luckiest’ in the world according to researchers who also named Nigeria as the worst place to start life.

The USA has fallen from the number one spot in 1988 to joint while France, ranked second in 1988, drops to 26th, just ahead of Britain.

So, how did they come to their conclusion?

The EIU, a sister company of The Economist, used 11 statistically significant indicators, including geography, demography, social and cultural characteristics, public policy, the state of the world economy and future income per head.

The league table ‘earnestly attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead’, The Economist said.

One assumes, if the is no longer at the top in countries to be born, then it’s no longer at the top of countries to .

World’s ‘best value’ countries: Live on less than a grand a month, retire on the cheap and still get endless sun! | Mail Online

According to new research retired couples can lives on a budget of less than $1,000 a month if they are willing to look oversees.

The five best options are:






A full breakdown of the costs associated with living there is at the link.

Funny, my wife and I seriously considered relocating to Panama before I was hired at MNC.