Vatican Releases Promising List Of Bishops Attending October's Ordinary Synod On The Family

Faithful Catholics still recovering from 2014’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, where a disastrous mid-term report falsely implied to media outlets that the Church had changed its teachings on homosexuality and communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, received an upsurge in confidence Monday; the Vatican released the first list of Bishops to attend 2015’s Ordinary Synod on the Family, and liberal progressives were in the minority.

The most surprising list came from the United States, where all four Bishops chosen hold records of solidly pro-life, pro-family positions as heads of their archdiocese. In attendance will be Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville, and Archbishop DiNardo of Galveston-Houston. 

In 2012, Archbishop Gomez made headlines in Catholic media circles after he suspended a Priest from administering sacraments when evidence surfaced he had founded the pro-homosexual marriage group “Catholics For Equality,” which had close ties with Harry Bean’s Human Rights Campaign. Gomez also recently served host to One Life LA, Los Angeles’ first-ever march for life, which drew thousands of supporters. 

Considering that Archbishop Chaput decried the confusion at last year’s synod as the work “of the devil,” it’s a good bet that his eminence will not be peddling any compromises in Rome. Chaput has also openly criticized Catholic pro-abortion politicians and advised them to refrain from receiving communion, a sentiment shared by Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville. 

As President of the U.S bishop’s conference, Cardinal DiNardo of Galveston-Houston has been one of the leading critics of Obamacare’s contraception mandate and has sought to bring abortion back into the legislative conversation. 

Notable progressive Archbishop Cupich of Chicago found himself on the list, but only as a substitute alongside Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, also known as “the godfather of prop 8.”

Unlike 2014’s Extraordinary Synod, where attendees were chosen by a committee, this year’s Ordinary Synod will feature attendees chosen by the national bishops’ conferences of their respective countries, which means the views expressed this year will reflect those of the wider Catholic Church. 

Though the list doesn’t yet feature bishops chosen from Nigeria or South Africa, those chosen will most likely be some of the most orthodox, considering that African bishops have been the most vocal opponents of the West’s sexual agenda, especially in regards to abortion and homosexuality. 


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