Ventura Now Suing Book Co That Published ‘American Sniper’

Jesse Ventura is still not done going after Chris Kyle and his book “American Sniper.”

The former Minnesota governor is now setting his sights on Harper Collins, the publishing giant that put out the successful book.  In July, a jury found that “American Sniper” defamed Ventura, resulting in a $1.8 million dollar bill having to be paid by Kyle’s widow, Taya. 

According to the Star Tribune, “The new lawsuit says the publicity and controversy “generated by the false and defamatory story about Ventura substantially increased sales of ‘American Sniper,’ thereby generating millions of dollars in revenues and profits for Harper Collins.”

And now, Ventura wants a piece of that action, too.  In the new lawsuit, Ventura’s attorney, David Olsen, who won the defamation suit back in July, is asking for $150,000, but chances are he will be asking for a greater sum. 

Furthermore, Star Tribune points out that Ventura notes in the new suit, “that U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle, who had presided at the trial, had defended the jury verdict in a subsequent order in which he said that Ventura had convinced the jury that the book sales had benefited from the defamation of Ventura.”

Still, the question remains: If Ventura wins the latest suit against Harper Collins, will he continue going after any company that profits from the book? Will he go after Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper for their movie adaptation of “American Sniper,” set to debut in December?

The July lawsuit resulted in a $1.8 million bill left to the widow of Chris Kyle.  Many in the Navy SEAL community, which is considered a sacred brotherhood, were disgusted with Ventura’s actions of his going after the family of a slain SEAL brother.  In retaliation for the absurd and disgusting display of cowardice, many came together to lend a helping hand to the widow and none more than the clothing company, Forged The American Brand.

The company was started by former SEALs who created a shirt that was to raise money to help cover the lawsuit costs and provide the Kyle family with much needed money.  In two weeks time, the company raised over $1 million. 






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