Veterans Affairs Secretary: 900 People Have Been Fired

On Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald described the house cleaning that is going on since he took office in July.

“We’re making fundamental changes in the department,” McDonald told host Chuck Todd.

One fundamental change revealed was McDonald giving out his personal cell phone number to show availability to veterans in need. Todd wondered if the rest of the department was taking the multitude of charges against the disgraced VA as seriously.

McDonald laid out the other measures taken since he joined the Cabinet:

Nine hundred people have been fired since I became Secretary. We’ve got 60 people that we’ve fired who have manipulated wait times. We’ve got about 100 senior leaders who are under investigation now, whose performance reviews have been deferred until we get feedback from the [Inspector General] and the Department of Justice.

“So, we’re holding people accountable,” McDonald said.


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