Video Of Keanu Reeves Giving Up His Seat On NY Subway Is Going Viral

Proving the chivalry is still alive, actor Keanu Reeves gave up his seat on a busy New York subway to a woman who was carrying a large gym-looking bag.

The video, which was taken a while back but only now making its way around the web, shows two very rare qualities seen in an A-list Hollywood celebrity (and also non-celebrities): Chivalry is not dead.  In a time when genuinely gentlemanly qualities are hard to come by, Reeves’ gesture is a breath of fresh air and gives hope that mankind is not lost. The second aspect of the video is that Keanu Reeves, a huge celebrity who has starred in movies such as The Matrix, Speed, and Point Break (and many others), does not find himself above the common folk but is actually riding a New York subway with no entourage or agenda.  He is just a normal guy going from one place to another. 




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