This video has gone viral, for good reason. Come to think of it, every video involving goes viral, and none of them paint the company in a good light. Hmm …

There’s regulations, then there’s dumbasses in the video who work for Comcast.

In the video, you see a Comcast crew making repairs. They have to park in the middle of the road because it’s snowing. They put a few cones out behind their vehicle to signal traffic to go around. There’s just one big problem … there’s a hill, and people can’t see the cones or the crew until it’s too late. They then have to slam on their brakes which causes multiple slide offs and a serious because of the ice on the road.

When confronted about this, the crew members spew turds out of their mouths instead of making an intelligent point.

This apparently happened in Indianapolis, IN. I’m in South Bend, and I can tell you our roads are jacked from the vortex right now.

Comcast says they are looking into the incident.