Watch A Democrat Belittle A Woman Over Wanting To Keep Her Insurance Plan


That’s right little girl, ‘you don’t know.’ Oh wait, you do, let me just interrupt and talk over you so you can’t make your point.  A point that will destroy my point of view.  What a condescending asshat.

Townhall has accurately pointed out that there was a time when feminists would not tolerate some MAN (four letter word to them) telling a woman what to do with her health care.  Oh wait, no, they only get pissed if it’s a Republican or conservative.  Democrats and liberals are allowed to push women around as much as they like with not so much as a peep.

Jedidiah Bila summed it up best, “It doesn’t matter if you like her plan or if I like her plan or if President Obama likes her plan. What matters is that she liked her plan and she was promised she could keep her plan and it was taken away and now her costs are rising and she’s facing the consequences for a promise unkept.”

Watch the whole video.  Totally worth it.