Watch: Black Female Executive In Trump Organization Tells You Who Trump Really Is

Maybe it’s because I’m from Las Vegas, and I’ve been exposed to Trump more than the average person.  Maybe it’s because I do research better than most of my counterparts.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m more willing to set ideology aside to tell the truth more than my peers.  Trump is not, has never been, evil.  Trump is not a racist.  Trump is not a fascist.  Trump is not the enemy.

His core campaign positions aren’t new, and aren’t changing from week to week.  As I’ve pointed out a dozen times on my show, Trump’s core views have been expressed by him dating back to the 80’s.  He ran his primary campaign straight out of Chapter 2 of his book “The Art of the Deal.”  He’s not stupid, he’s brilliant … in business … and, apparently, in politics.  That’s scary to those who profit from system as it is.

The real Donald Trump is the person that none of us have had a problem with for all of the decades he’s been in public life.  He’s the man who saved a child’s life when no airline would let him fly.  He’s the man who helped Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after he was wrongly imprisoned in Mexico.  He’s the man who saved a family’s farm after the man of the house committed suicide.

This is who Donald Trump is.  I say this as supporter of Ted Cruz.  You won’t find stories like this in Hillary Clinton’s background.  As I’ve said several times, Trump is the most lied about candidate in this election cycle.

Lynne Patton is a black female executive at the Trump Organization.  She released this emotional video on who Donald Trump really is.

Now that the primary is over, take some time to learn about Donald Trump.  Who he really is.  Not who his political opponents say he is.  You’ll get the bad with the all of the good I’m written about here, but you’ll quickly see he isn’t the deranged monster of a caricature he is painted out to be by his opponents.