Watch: CNN Host Gets Pwned With Facts On Guns

‘It’s Not News, It’s’ CNN Newsroom host, , decided to make herself another media cliche on the issue of . There’s a reason a few anti-gun advocates are starting to tell the media to actually learn about before talking about them. It’s been a joke listening to these people for decades. As I always say: ‘They don’t know the difference between a .40 caliber and a 40oz beer.’

How anyone in the media doesn’t know the study exists is beyond me. That’s what you get when you subscribe to the AP wire service, and your intern plugs it into the teleprompter verbatim instead of actually doing any real research. I do love her righteous indignation in that exchange though.

Here’s the CDC study.

If you don’t want to wade¬†through the study (110 pages, but 88 of actual research), and just want a summary of the findings, use the link below.

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And yes, France did suffer more mass public shooting casualties in 2015 than in Obama’s term. Even if you include the recent terrorist attack in Orlando by a Hillary Clinton supporting, registered Democrat, radical Muslim jihadi.

We only have data through 2014 with the . We should have 2015 data in October 2016. As you can see, the anti-Constitution, anti-gun left are, literally, pull things out of thin air to demonize aggressively styled hunting rifles (AR-15s and the like). Rifles of ALL kinds (not in the same category as the AR) are the 9th most common method of homicide, and account for about 250 murders a year.

In fact, Joe Biden’s beloved shotgun is responsible for more murders than all rifles combined.

We all know why they don’t gravitate to facts on this subject. They aren’t interested in them. Facts destroy their narrative, and hinder their efforts to disarm the American people. Which is EXACTLY what this is all about.