Watch: Crowd Boos Snowflakes Who Walked Out On Mike Pence Commencement Speech


Leading up to the Vice President’s , we talked about the plot by a few dozen to walk out during Pence’s speech. It’s the ultimate snowflake move. Run away from people you disagree with because you are fragile and weak. The inability to listen to someone with whom they disagree will negatively affect them the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, this was designed to be disruptive. They’ve been trying to sell it as a ‘respectful’ the week leading up to the commencement. That is a lie. If they didn’t want to hear Pence speak, they didn’t have to show up. You graduate either way. This was designed to get them attention, and be disrespectful not just to the former Governor, and current Vice President, but to be disrespectful to everyone else in attendance. It was a pathetic ‘look at me!’ moment.

Dutifully, the media ran with it. Headlines emblazoned with ‘Notre Dame Students Walk Out On Pence Commencement Speech’ and the like are all over the internet. No one highlights the fact that there were so few who walked out, and that the crowd booed the snot out of them as they ran away to seek shelter in their safe spaces from one of the nicest, most decent human beings I know.