Disingenuous, Sanctimonious, Hypocritical Media Attacking Trump Over Khan Feud

In what has become the first overblown manufactured outrage of the general election, the has decided to use a Gold Star family to attack Donald as someone who hates the families of dead Americans. I’m not going to focus too much on ’s speech at the , which was full of hyperbole and dishonest accusations against Trump and his policy positions. I’m not even going to go into detail about Mr. Khan being in the business of immigration, and as such, is professionally motivated to oppose Trump. Nor will I spend much time on the fact that many veterans are openly criticizing Mr. Khan, and his ties to the Foundation.

The fact that Trump has never stated he wanted to ban all Muslims, deport all Muslims, or anything similar is irrelevant in how the media and Democrats are spinning the attacks against him. The fact that supported the war, and sending Captain Khan overseas where he’d lose his life, and Trump opposed that war doesn’t mean anything either. Not to a partisan media that will do whatever it takes to elect Democrats. Then there’s the fact that the Khans are criticizing Trump over an issue irrelevant to their son’s death. Using their Gold Star status as a shield of sorts.

The same media fawned over the Democrats, literally, rebranding their entire party as patriotic flag waving lovers of the Founding Fathers after four days virtually flag free at their convention, and years denigrating flag waving patriots who share the Founder’s vision for the country. The flag was so far from Democrat’s thoughts that they had to borrow them from Philadelphia City Hall for crying out loud.

The same media who elevated Cindy Sheehan while ignoring thousands more Gold Star families with opposite views is now doing the same for the Khan family. This media would have you believe that Trump offering the Khan family condolences, honoring their son’s sacrifice, and saying that he wanted to hear what Mrs. Khan had to say was somehow the worst possible attack on Gold Star families ever seen. Sorry, but media darlings Code Pink saying soldiers deserved to die in Iraq is far worse. His comment about Mrs. Khan was inarticulate and ill-advised, but hardly a horrendous attack. Confirmation bias will steer how awful one views that remark.

Mr. Khan gets to go on national TV and attack Donald Trump with factually untrue statements, but Trump can’t respond? If he does, he ‘disrespects’ all Gold Star families? According to the media trying to elect his opponent, yes.

The same media ‘outraged’ that Trump would honor Captain Khan’s service, and ask what Mrs. Khan thinks is the same media who didn’t, and doesn’t, give a damn about Pat Smith or any other surviving relatives of those murdered in Benghazi. The same media ‘outraged’ by Trump’s ‘disrespect’ of the Khans is the same media that didn’t give a damn Hillary LIED to the families of those who were murdered in Benghazi. That same media also didn’t care when Hillary called all of them liars years later. That same media gave glowing reviews of Hillary’s Benghazi testimony when she said “what difference, at this point, does it make.” Where’s the media’s outrage at Hillary’s disrespect? Where’s their outrage for not protecting them? Hillary’s State Department made Marines change four times instead of rescuing our people in Benghazi, but Trump asking what Mrs. Khan thinks is crossing the line?

Anyone remember Vice President Biden’s disrespectful comments to Tyrone Woods’ father as his body was brought back to the US? The same day Hillary lied to family members about Benghazi being caused by a video. No? That’s because there wasn’t a media firestorm about it since it painted a Democrat in a negative light.

Members of the same ‘outraged’ media actually said things like: “I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother has felt (Chris Matthews),” and “I would like to beat her to death (GQ Magazine’s Bethlehem Shoals)” about Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was murdered by terrorists in a pre-planned terrorist attack in Benghazi. Yeah, saying you don’t care how a mother feels at the loss of her son in service of this country, and that you want to ‘beat her to death’ are way more acceptable than Trump asking what Mrs. Khan thinks.

Make no mistake, the media isn’t rallying around a war hero’s family because of honor, or some horrible injustice has been done. They don’t care about the Khan family. Just like they didn’t care about Cindy Sheehan, and they don’t care about Benghazi families. They just want to use them to get Hillary elected.

The media peddling this disingenuous narrative that Trump is ‘attacking’ a Gold Star family ignores the Gold Star families who’ve openly spoken out in support of Trump. They’ve provided essentially no air time for them, while doing wall-to-wall coverage of the Khans.

What do you expect from a media that ignores Trump was the only American with influence who stepped up to help Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi when he was ignored by Obama and Hillary and everyone else. Have you heard the media tell you about the staff sergeant Trump handed $10k to so he could jump start his education? Didn’t think so. Have you heard about Trump getting the New York Vietnam Plaza built? They say it wouldn’t have happened without him. How about when he was called upon to help with the 50th anniversary WWII parade? He not only gave money, but allowed organizers to use his personal helicopter to get around the city quickly. You also don’t hear about how the Benghazi survivors have endorsed Trump. The same survivors Democrats accused of lying about what happened on the ground in Benghazi. The same survivors Hillary testified she ‘checked in on’ but we learned she only called 1 of the 35 survivors, and she still will not speak to her ‘good friend’ Ambassador Stevens’ fiance.

That’s because the Democratic Party, and their media allies, don’t care about veterans, or their families opinions unless they help get Democrats elected.

Trump isn’t the one who said veterans dying as a result of the scandal was being blown out of proportion, Hillary did. Also, her statement that the VA scandal wasn’t widespread was a lie. She tried to make it seem like Republicans were intentionally not funding the VA so that it would collapse. Again, no wall-to-wall media outrage.

Given Hillary Clinton’s LONG history of denigrating police, veterans and military personnel, and barring them from wearing their uniforms in her presence, even recently on the floor of the Democratic National Convention, if this election is going to boil down to who respects the and their families more, Trump wins … hands down.

This image below is all you need to know.