Watch: Montage Of Ted Cruz Pledging To Support Republican Nominee

Since my website server took a major nap due to heavy traffic, I wasn’t able to post this yet.

From the beginning, all GOP candidates said any one of them would be far better than Hillary Clinton as president. All candidates pledged to support the Republican nominee (Trump would make pledge later).

When there were only three candidates left (Trump, Cruz, Kasich), they all revoked their pledge.

not only didn’t at the , but he didn’t lay out a case against Hillary Clinton either. In fact, he only mentioned her twice, and many felt the was a campaign .

Convention attendees were not happy with him, but Ted Cruz would later tell the Texas delegation that it was the attacks on his wife and dad that led him to not endorse Donald Trump.

Trump supporters would say that Ted Cruz isn’t exactly innocent in attacks on Trump’s family.

Did Ted Cruz stand on principle, or did he show himself to be just another dishonest politician who can’t keep their word? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for watching.