Watch This! – Adorable Video Of A Dog Teaching A Baby How To Chew – Video



(The Sun By BELLA BATTLE) – This tot makes learning new skills look like child’s play – as he picks up the art of chewing from a dog.

Baby chewing toy and dog chewing bone

The smash viral video, entitled Puggles teach baby to chew, opens with footage of a cute puppy gnawing happily on a bone.

Then the camera pans out to show a baby staring intently at the pooch.

Never taking his eyes from the dog, the little ‘un then copies his chewing action on a plastic toy in his hand.

Three’s company when the camera then moves full circle to show a SECOND dog chewing away at a tasty treat on the rug.

All three pals then lie happily on the floor enjoying their munch-a-thon.

The clip has now had over 123,000 hits on YouTube with users commenting on how funny the moment is.

Zuffox joked: “Baby’s first word: ‘Woof’”. While CaptnGraviton added: “Eat well little one, for tomorrow we chase cats.”

Not everyone saw the humorous side to the 30-second clip though. Smarshall5555 commented: “This is what happens when you let dogs raise your kids. Next thing you know he’ll be chewing on table legs. What a mess.”