I’m from Las Vegas, and spent most of my life in Southern Nevada. I’m well aware of the immigration issue. Far more than most Americans. As are most people in the Southwest United States. There’s a lot of support for illegal immigrants there, but there’s a whole lot of opposition too. Most of that opposition comes from legal immigrants who feel they are being cheated by illegals, and they are being cheated.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children posted about these patriots who’ve had enough of watching these “illegal savages” the American .

UncleSam provided some biting commentary on this whole issue at USMC.

Are you confused where your loyalty is? Like a transgender who doesn’t know what bathroom to use?


See, I find it really hypocritical, as a LEGAL real HISPANIC and US Marine Veteran, to see the amount of butt hurt from people that #1 don’t even speak Spanish #2 have no association with except they eat tacos, and have a Hispanic last name, and yet somehow they are more upset with this video done by Mexicans with a love and respect for their new Country the US of A, and who are just practicing their freedom of speech.


Just two American patriots with Mexican heritage loving on the good ‘ol US of A. Bravo!