Viral Video Shames Facebook For Letting Terrorists Spread Hate On Their Site

Talk about an issue in my wheelhouse …

For years I’ve been illustrating that social media websites like and Twitter have been censoring conservatives for their views, beliefs, and posts while ignoring rabid leftists calling for rape and violence. What’s worse, is that Facebook and Twitter have done little to nothing to censor terrorists and their sympathizers on their platforms.

Via Breitbart:

A video produced by an Israeli legal rights NGO claiming that Facebook allows incitement leading to Islamic terrorism has gone viral, garnering nearly 1 million views in the four days since it was launched.

The Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center’s video — titled “Who’s behind terror – Rewound!” — shows how a uses Facebook every step of the way leading up a terror attack. It opens with footage of a bombing in New York City, before “rewinding” to various moments in the three-month lead up to the attack, showing the fictional doing everything from engaging with the Facebook pages of terror groups to learning how to make a bomb.