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Police: Gay YouTube Star Faked Hate Crime | The Burning Truth

Nearly all of the ‘hate crimes’ over the past several years that go viral have ended up being fabricated hoaxes designed to push a false victim narrative while peddling hate themselves.

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Gay Man Posts Vile Tweet Aimed At GOP Senators, Gets What He Deserves

A gay Virginia man decided to take to Twitter to let Republican senators know exactly how he felt about them in the days immediately following the Islamic terrorist attack at a gay Orlando nightclub earlier this month. Although Kyler Schmitz was quick to claim his vile sentiments were just a “parody” and “satire,” law enforcement felt otherwise, and he’s getting exactly what he deserves.

Woman sues for wrongful conception after doctor said she couldn’t get pregnant – Story | WJBK

It is an unusual civil case out of Oakland County. A woman is suing her doctor for the stress caused by an unplanned pregnancy.