Wednesday, March 15 – Hour 1 Podcast


After a pretty long windup, Rachel Maddow tonight got around to disclosing the tax information about President Trump she teased on Twitter earlier tonight.

Despite Mockery, MSNBC Spends Hours on Trump Tax Returns

Despite left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow being lampooned on social media and even by her media colleagues Tuesday night over her laughable “scoop” that Donald Trump paid his taxes, on Wednesday, the mockery didn’t deter the network from devoting extensive air time to the story every hour from 6 a.m. through noon ET.

Maddow Wastes Our Time in Delaying Release of Trump Tax Returns; Internet Loses It

Hilariously, she wasted 22 minutes of viewers’ time by rehashing past monologues on the history of presidential tax returns, implying connections between Trump and various Russian oligarches before discussing the contents of the first two pages from Trump’s 1040 form.

Twitter Just SHREDDED Rachel Maddow Over Trump Tax Return ‘Story’ | MRCTV

And which the Wall Street Journal had already reported on – a year ago.

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Got a Big Break on 2005 Taxes – WSJ

Donald Trump was able to deduct $39.1 million from his 2005 federal income taxes by pledging not to build houses on a New Jersey golf course he owns, according to public records.

White House Reporter Tweets on Trump’s Tax Return and Beclowns Herself; Lacks Basic Economics Skills

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Lies about Trump’s Tax Returns at First Debate (Video)

Hillary Clinton: First, maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is. Second, maybe he’s not as charitable as he claims to be. Or maybe he doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’ paid nothing in federal taxes.

NYT Eats Crow After Trump Tax Return Proves Story Wrong | The Daily Caller

The White House released President Trump’s tax return from 2005 on Tuesday, which showed that he paid $38 million on $150 million in income. This disproves the premise of a major New York Times story in the lead-up to the November election.

BREAKING: MSNBC Reveals Trump’s 2005 Tax Return. And It’s An EPIC FAIL. | Daily Wire

Trump paid over $36 million on an income of over $150 million, an effective tax rate of 25%. In the end, as sister organization CNBC put it, Maddow ended up handing Trump “a nice victory.”

Nets Spend 20 Minutes on Trump Tax Return Non-Story ‘But What Is It He’s Trying to Hide?’

Gallaudet Professor: Curing Deafness Is CULTURAL GENOCIDE | The Daily Caller

“This bias of Hearing culture can be seen in the normative claim that it is better to be a member of the dominant, mainstream Hearing cultural community than to be a member of the non-dominant Deaf cultural community,” Burke writes.