Wednesday, March 15 – Hour 3 Podcast

Conservatives push back against tax increase for road improvements – 95.3 MNC

Representatives from groups like the Indiana Family Institute and Americans for Prosperity say raising taxes shouldn’t be the solution. They suggest using existing funding sources or focusing on immediate road needs.

AFP-IN State Director Justin Stevens Testifies Against HB 1002 Gas Tax Hike – Americans for Prosperity

“Before lawmakers demand that taxpayers pay the 5th highest gas taxes in the nation, they have a duty to prove that their funding request is essential. The $1.2 billion infrastructure funding figure has not been vetted to determine which projects are essential needs and which are merely wants. Just as Hoosier families have to distinguish needs versus wants in their budgets, lawmakers should do the same – especially when a massive tax hike is on the line. Given that 80% of current gas sales tax revenues do not go to roads and bridges, it is particularly unacceptable to give lawmakers a $1.2 billion blank check.”

Study looks at Indiana privatization vs. Chicago parking meter deal – Blogs On Politics – Crain’s Chicago Business

Indiana’s experience was somewhat better. Though Renn glides over the fact that its buyer ended up going bankrupt—and Indiana quickly spent the proceeds on other road work—finances lately have improved, and the Hoosier state got some work done that could have waited a long time without that revenue.

Casey addresses a few messages from listeners on recent topics, and why you shouldn’t rely on just one source for information.