Wednesday, Oct. 11 – Hour 1 Podcast


Paul Ryan says ATF could quickly stop sale of bump stocks used in Las Vegas shooting – Washington Times

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Wednesday that the fastest way to curtail the sale of the kind of  add-on that made last week’s  so lethal would be for the administration to act.

Bump Stock Maker Sued After Vegas Attack | The Daily Caller

A personal injury law firm is now suing the producer of bump stocks — devices that can be fitted to a semi-automatic weapon to simulate fully-automatic fire — over its reported role in the .

Bump Stock Ban Retroactively Criminalizes Possession of Legally Acquired Products – Hit & Run :

The proposed ban on bump stocks not only applies to a wide, vague range of firearm accessories, as Christian Britschgi noted this morning. It also criminalizes mere possession of those accessories, making owners subject to fines and up to five years in prison, even if they acquired the newly prohibited items before the ban was enacted.

Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank – NBC News

The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become  and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor.