Wendy Davis Only Supported Open-Carry To Win Election

In her first interview since losing by 20 points to Greg Abbott for Texas governor, Wendy Davis admitted that she only supported the open carry of handguns to win over voters. 

When asked if she had any regrets, Davis answered that she doesn’t but would change something things she did during the ill-fated campaign. 

“I don’t live in the world of regret,” Davis said and added that, “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign, and it relates to the position that I took on open carry. I made a quick decision on that with a very short conversation with my team and it wasn’t really in keeping with what I think is the correct position on that issue.”

Davis continued to explain her stance that she does support “people’s right to own and to bear arms in appropriate situations,” but stated that open carry would be used “to intimidate and cause fear.”

“Though I certainly support people’s right to own and to bear arms in appropriate situations,” she said, “I fear with open carry, having watched that issue unfold during the campaign, that it will be used to intimidate and cause fear.”

She also stressed how she has always stayed true to her core beliefs except for this one time that she wasn’t.

“What I do know is that as an elected public servant, I’ve always been true to my core beliefs. Always. And I’m so proud of that,” she said. “And this was the only time I felt like I’d strayed a bit from that.”


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