Wendy’s Eliminates Soda from Kids’ Meals

There was a time when a parent had the choice between milk, juice or soda when ordering a kids’ meal for there kids. But, it looks like we may be looking back on those days in the same way we fondly recall Pop Rocks and dart guns because the PC Nutrition Police have bullied most fast food companies to no longer allow parents to have the choice of ordering soda for their kids. 

As USA Today reports:  

The fast-food chain is the most recent to cave to pressure from children’s health advocacy groups. McDonald’s made a similar commitment to drop soda from Happy Meals in 2013, after partnering with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a group aimed at fighting childhood obesity.

The Center for Science in Public Interest released a statement Thursday saying that Wendy’s was removing the soda option from menu boards and kids’ meals.

The statement said they hoped Wendy’s would also offer healthier choices including, “whole grain rolls, offering more fruit and vegetable options, reducing sodium across the menu, and dropping Frostys from the children’s menu.”

Unlike some fast-food chains, Wendy’s default drink choice was never soda, Bob Bertini, a spokesman for Wendy’s said in an e-mail to USA TODAY Network.

“When ordering a kids’ meal, the customer is asked what beverage they prefer,” Bertini wrote. “The change is the kids’ meal beverage options which are shown on our menu boards.”

Bertini says the fast-food company began displaying images of “healthful beverage options,” including 1% white or chocolate milk, bottled water and 100% juice.

Apparently “pro-choice” only applies to one thing when it comes to parenthood and liberal causes. 

For the record, the Kids’ Meal Coke featured on Wendy’s website contains 100 calories, the Jr. Frosty (still on the menu) contains 200 calories and the cheeseburger (still on the menu) contains 280 calories. 


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