WH: Houthis ‘Legitimate Political Constituency’

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki has continued the Obama Administration’s whitewashing of radical Islamist groups, referring to the Houthis of Yemen as a “legitimate political constituency.” The Houthis’ slogan is simple: “Death to America, death to Israel, a curse on the Jews and victory to Islam,” echoing similar slogans utilized by Shiite terrorists in Iraq and supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, considered a terrorist group by the United States since 1997.

Psaki said, “The Houthis are a legitimate political constituency in Yemen and have a right to participate in affairs of the state. We urge them to be a part of a peaceful transition process. That said, we condemn their use of violence and are concerned by their non-compliance with agreements they have been signatories to.”

The White House has also whitewashed the Muslim Brotherhood; only last month the White House rejected a July petition signed by more than 200,000 Americans in a single month demanding the Obama Administration label the Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The petition read:

[The] Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of violent killings & terrorizing opponents. Also, MB has direct ties with most terrorist groups like Hamas. A book by one of their prominent figures, Sayyid Qutb, called Ma’alim fi-l-Tariq, is the bible for many terrorist groups … The Muslim Brotherhood has shown in the past few days that it is willing to engage in violence and killing of innocent civilians in order to invoke fear in the hearts of its opponents. This is terrorism. We ask the US government to declare MB as a terrorist group for a safer future for all of us.

The White House responded, “We have not seen credible evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced its decades-long commitment to non-violence … The United States is committed to thwarting terrorist groups that pose a threat to U.S. interests and those of our partners.”

In 2012, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood launched a campaign to terrorize Christians with threats of kidnapping, burning of their homes and stores, and even murder. Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi promised that his “Islamic institution, [referring to the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood] will trample with their shoes on the necks on anyone who should stand against us or our beliefs, because anyone who does must know they stand against Allah.”

The Houthis have demanded control of the government of Yemen, forcing the president and his cabinet to resign; thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to support either the Houthis or the government. The Houthis have laid siege to the homes of government ministers; their leader, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, for whom the movement is named, said he would not accept the part of the draft constitution proposing to divide the country into six separate regions, as he wants control over all of them. On Friday, tens of thousands of Houthi supporters marched in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, carrying banners with the group’s infamous slogan.

Yemen’s President Hadi has been publicly opposed to the Al Qaeda branch in Yemen, largely considered the most virulent and dangerous branch.


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