WH Official Statement: Islam One of the World’s Great Religions

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough all but officially removed the term “radical” from the Obama administration’s vocabulary when used in conjunction with Islam, in deference to declaring Islam “one of the world’s great religions.” 

NBC’s Chuck Todd threw up a graphic containing a quote from The New York Times‘ Tom Freidman who wrote a criticism of the president for refusing to call a spade a spade:

When you don’t call things by their real name, you always get in trouble. And this administration, so fearful of being accused of Islamophobia, is refusing to make any link to radical Islam from the recent explosions of violence against civilians (most of them Muslims) by Boko Haram in Nigeria, by the Taliban in Pakistan, by al Qaeda in Paris and by jihadists in Yemen and Iraq. We’ve entered the theater of the absurd.

The Obama White House has long refused to say the phrase, “radical Islam.” 

“Why?” Todd asked. 

McDonough answered that question by defending Islam as one of “the world’s great religions” and completely avoided using the term “radical:”

Let’s be clear that nobody denies these are Muslims and these are Muslims who claim that their warped view of their ideology is what informed their actions, their hateful ideology in this instance. What we simply do not believe, Chuck, is that they should somehow be seen as representatives of Islam. They are not. It’s one of the world’s great religions. It’s — the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not abide by this hateful ideology, and so we just ought not to give them any kind of belief that somehow they deserve that title.

TruthRevolt recommends all who claim an “overwhelming majority” of Muslims are peaceful to take a moment and watch our Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s debunking of that myth here.


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