When Ellen DeGeneres Posted a Kid Standing on a Dog, There Was No Liberal Outrage

When Sarah Palin posted a New Year’s photo of her 6-year-old son Trig standing on the family dog to reach the sink with the offering of an inspirational message of turning an obstacle into a stepping stone, social media erupted in vile attacks against Palin for allowing such an “atrocity” to take place.

Hurls of “you’re a horrible human being,” “sociopaths suck,” and “you’re still a total moron” were aimed directly at Palin. You would have thought they were beating the animal with baseball bats.

Then there was these two unspeakable comments:





However, when Ellen Degeneres posted a strikingly similar photo of a young child standing on the family dog to reach the sink back in July of 2014, no one cared:



TPNN.com points out that there were a few comments to Ellen’s talk show Facebook page that expressed disappointment and warned that the dog could become uncomfortable and possibly bite, but no one attacked the entertainer personally, and no one stooped to the level of pedophilia as they did in the instance above with Palin.

And that is your daily encapsulation of the hypocrisy that radiates from the left.


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