White House Still Milking Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Appearance

For President Obama, 2014 was a year of fist bumps, comedy show appearances, and over 80 executive actions, all of which has been summarized in a slick, online slideshow retrospective courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov.

With artistic shots of Obama standing near the ocean or from behind the Resolute desk, the presentation highlights the president’s year of action from his call for minimum wage increase to combating climate change and everything in between. But what truly important event is featured in the list? Was it that Obama was 3D-printed? Was it that he was the first president to write a line of code? Those are included, but the White House would be remiss to leave out President Obama’s appearance on Zach Galafianakis’s Between Two Ferns to pump health care.

This slideshow is at least the third or fourth “look back” this narcissistic administration has released so far this year. It seems as though they are gearing up for what lies ahead. In fact, they tell us so.

Check out how the slideshow ends. Is that a promise, or a threat?


Official White House Photo by Pete Souza


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