What White Liberals Really Think Of Black People – Video

A couple of years ago I was invited to speak at a local high school. Nothing unique about that. I speak to kids all the time on a whole host of topics. This high school, however, was primarily minority students, and I was speaking to a class for students who’d had trouble in the past.

I was talking about government and how the media culture can shape public opinion about various issues.

During this discussion, I brought up a recent story I’d talked about on my show involving a city councilman from Gary, IN saying that drug testing welfare recipients was racist. I started the topic by asking the students if welfare recipients should be drug tested. The class overwhelmingly said they should. They understood their taxes paid for those benefits, and they didn’t want an addict to use their money for drugs.

My follow up question asked them if they thought the drug testing was racist in any way. Again, overwhelmingly, in class after class of minority ‘troubled’ students, they said it wasn’t racist. I then quoted the councilman saying that it was racist. The students expressed shock that he’d say such a thing, and openly mocked him (my kinda peeps). Here’s the kicker … they assumed he was white, and a racist himself for assuming that only black people are on welfare, and that only black people are drug addicts. Ha! How many years have you heard me say that? The councilman, of course, is black. ‘Why would he say that?’ ‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ they said. I agreed.

I went in to voter ID with the classes too. Again, they were surprised that people would just assume that they were incapable of getting an ID simply because they were black. Of course, everyone knows this assertion is ludicrous. Even the race-baiters who peddle the lie. Nearly everyone in the U.S. over 18 has an ID. You almost can’t function in our society without one.

These young minds understood what is going on. They just don’t ever have anyone on the right engage with them. Trust me, the battle of ideas can easily be won with young minorities if you just engage with them.

Que this video:

Yup. Elitist pasty white liberals exist in a mythical world where they are the ‘white knights’ of the poor, illiterate, inferior black people. They actually fail to see their own racism while frivolously hurling false accusations of racism at those who see everyone as equals. They artificially tear down whole groups of people just so they can ride in as if they are heros saving the day in order to feed their own ego. It is almost universally pasty white people who are the social justice warriors ‘offended’ on behalf of another group of people. Whites are constantly offended by things that don’t bother the supposed ‘harmed’ group. The Washington Redskins name fiasco is a perfect illustration of this.

White privilege is a mythical construct invented for the sole purpose of attacking those who have opposing political ideology. The irony is that ‘white privilege’ was concocted by the one group who actually demonstrates it regularly … white liberals.