Why Obama’s Five Campaign Themes Fail

By Wynton Hall,

So far, we’ve seen President Obama’s reelection team telegraph five central campaign “themes.”  None of them has anything to do with his record as president, and all of them are nonstarters that are easily refuted by the facts:

1. Mitt Romney is “too rich” to be president. Mitt Romney’s net worth is almost identical ($250 million) to the Democratic Party’s 2004 nominee, John Kerry ($240 million). If Democrats had no problem with a rich guy running for president in 2004, why now?

2. President Obama killed Osama bin Laden: Romney might not have. The Navy SEALS, not Barack Obama, killed Osama bin Laden.  To suggest otherwise is an insult to their bravery and valor. Besides, does any serious person honestly believe that any president–of either party–would not have pulled the trigger when informed that Osama bin Laden was in the cross-hairs? Really?

3. Young people will vote for President Obama again because he is “cooler” than Romney, as is evidenced by his appearances on Jimmy Fallon. College-age voters are over “cool.” They want jobs and can’t find them.  One out of every two college graduates will soon hit the Obama economy’s wall of reality and join the growing ranks of the unemployed.  Romney may not be “cool,” but he looks like that family friend mom and dad said to go see because his successful company is hiring. Put simply, Romney may not be the “iPod President,” but he sure looks like the “Paycheck President.” And that’s very cool.

4. President Obama is fighting those evil meany Republicans and their “War on Women.” The Obama economy has been a disaster for female employment. Nine out of ten jobs lost under Obama belonged to women. Female voters are over the “hope and change.” They have kids to feed and family budgets to balance.  They want to work and earn higher wages. Obama has failed to produce either.